The Community Grid Project aims to achieve the optimal allocation of electricity during peak times of use. 


Managing peak demand

Peaks in electricity use typically form between 4pm and 8pm on days during summer when the temperature is over 35 C and air-conditioner use is high. These “peak times” amount to a handful of days over a summer period. 

To manage this demand, households and businesses on the southern tip of the Mornington Peninsula are offered financial incentives to temporarily reduce their electricity, or delay non-critical energy use to non-peak times. 

The project will support these households and businesses to adopt new technologies such as solar PV and battery storage. The coordination of these technologies benefits the network by reducing overall demand for grid electricity at times of high use. Importantly, these technologies avoid the need for costly investment in electricity infrastructure. 


Who are the project partners?

The Community Grid Project is a partnership between electricity network provider United Energy, the Mornington Peninsula Shire and technology company GreenSync. The project is supported by the Victorian Government’s New Energy Jobs Fund

Benefits of The Community Grid Project

  • Voids the need for costly infrastructure investments, ensuring that overtime energy becomes more affordable to households and businesses. 
  • Maintains reliability and achieves optimal allocation of energy during peak demand.
  • Assists with bringing renewable energy assets online. 
  • Injects money into the community. 
  • Encourages innovation helping to futureproof the energy network.
  • Supports the Mornington Peninsula to manage its own energy future.
  • Offers business and households financial incentives to voluntarily reduce power.
  • Provides community with subsidies and technical support to install solar power and battery storage systems.